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Recorded November 1973 at the Omega studios in Chicago,

Recorded in November 1973 at the Omega studios in Chicago, 'Outside The Law' is undoubtedly still the definitive EPITAPH album. The sound engineer was Dave 'Grape' Purple, who won the 1971 Grammy for Best Engineered Recording on Isaac Hayes' 'Theme from Shaft'. The recording of 'Outside the Law' was completed in just 5 days, with very few overdubs, and the final mix was done by Ed Cody at the United Technique studio on Chicago's South Side.
So how does a German rock band get to be recorded by studios and engineers who built their reputations on black music - and produce such a brilliant album?
In early summer 1972, EPITAPH did a mind-blowing rock festival gig at Berlin's Waldbühne stadium. Also present that day was Gary Pollack, head of Billingsgate Records, who stopped Cliff Jackson on the way to the dressing room with the announcement that 'in six weeks you guys will be doing a US tour'. Knowing that no German rock bands had ever toured or recorded in the USA before, Cliff and the guys were somewhat sceptical about the project. But sure enough, EPITAPH landed at Chicago's O'Hare Airport in August 1972 for a successful twenty-day tour.
Returning on a cloud of euphoria to the band residence near Visselhovede in northern Germany (plenty of poets, painters, animals, and ladies, but no heating, no bath, and only an outside toilet) work commenced on a new album. The demo was recorded two months later at the Windrose Studio in Hamburg and then sent over to Gary Pollack, who invited the band to come back to Chicago to do the full recording of 'Outside the Law'.


Track Listing

    • Reflexion
    • Woman
    • Big City
    • In Your Eyes
    • Outside The Law
    • Tequila Shuffle
    • Fresh Air
    • Train To The City
    • Wasted So Much Time
    • Kind Of A Man
    • Woman (live)
    • Outside The Law (live)
    • Jim's Thing/Drum Solo (live)
    • Big City (live)

    Additional Details

    Label: Made In Germany Music

    Genre: Pop/Rock

    Language: English

    Run Time: 73:27 mins

    Region: 0

    Release Date: 01/15/16

    UPC: 885513002907

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