Ernest Tubb - Walking The Floor Over You (CD)

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8-CD box (LP-size) with 40-page book, 148 tracks. Playing time approx. 614 mns

This stands with our Jimmie Rodgers box and Hank Williams' recordings as one of the most essential collections in country music. These 8 CDs contain all of Ernest Tubb's recordings from 1936 to 1947. Starting as the prot Jimmie Rodgers' widow, Ernest Tubb went on define one of the most original and imitated styles in all country music. All the great original hits are here in their original versions, Walking The Floor Over You, Blue Eyed Elaine, Tomorrow Never Comes, Soldier's Last Letter, Our Baby's Book, It's Been So Long Darling, Rainbow At Midnight, and many more. The World transcriptions from 1944 and 1945, never reissued to this point, are also included complete. Honky tonk music starts here!

Also included is a 40-page book with rare photos and memorabilia from Tubb's widow Elaine and his son Justin, a complete discography and a newly-researched biography by Ronnie Pugh.

Track Listing

Disc 1:
  • The Passing Of Jimmie Rodgers
  • The Last Thoughts Of Jimmie Rodgers
  • Married Man Blues
  • Mean Old Red Bug Blues
  • My Mother Is Lonely
  • The Right Train To Heaven
  • The T.B. Is Whipping Me
  • Since That Black Cat Crossed My Path
  • Blue Eyed Elaine
  • I'll Never Cry Over You
  • I'll Get Along Somehow
  • You Broke A Heart
  • I Ain't Gonna Love You Anymore
  • I'm Glad I Met You After All
  • I Cared For You More Than I Knew
  • You'll Love Me Too Late
  • I've Really Learned A Lot
  • Swell San Angelo
  • I Know What It Means To Be Lonely
  • Please Remember Me
  • My Rainbow Trail
  • Last Night I Dreamed
  • I'm Missing You
  • My Baby And My Wife
Disc 2:
  • Walking The Floor Over You
  • When The World Has Turned You Down
  • Our Baby's Book
  • I'll Always Be Glad To Take You Back
  • Mean Mama Blues
  • I Wonder Why You Said Goodbye
  • I Ain't Goin' Honky Tonkin' Anymore
  • I Hate To See You Go
  • Time After Time
  • First Year Blues
  • Just Rollin' On
  • There's Nothing More To Say
  • Wasting My Life Away
  • You May Have Your Picture
  • That Same Old Story
  • Try Me One More Time
  • You Nearly Lose Your Mind
  • That's When It's Coming Home To You
  • I Don't Want You After All
  • I'm Wondering How
  • Tomorrow Never Comes
  • Soldier's Last Letter
  • Careless Darlin'
  • Yesterday's Tears
Disc 3:
  • Those Simple Things Are Worht A Million Now
  • Answer To 'Walking The Floor Over You'
  • You Won't Ever Forget Me
  • Keep My Mem'ry In Your Heart
  • I Lost My Ace Of Hearts
  • Though The Days Were Only Seven
  • With Tears In My Eyes (false starts)
  • With Tears In My Eyes
  • Are You Waiting Just For Me
  • I'll Never Lose You Though You're Gone
  • I'm Too Blue To Worry Over You
  • Too Late To Worry, Too Blue To Cry
  • This Time We're Really Through
  • Have You Changed Your Mind
Disc 4:
  • That's All She Wrote
  • Just Crying To Myself
  • I've Lived A Lie
  • Wondering If You're Wondering Too
  • When Love Turns To Hate
  • There's A New Moon Over My Shoulder
  • Daisy May
  • I Hung My Head And Cried
  • There's Nothin' On My Mind
  • Love Gone Cold
  • You Brought Sorrow To My Heart
  • Home In San Antone
  • Darling What More Can I Do'
  • Blue Bonnet Lane
  • I Believe I'm Entitled To You
  • You're Going To Be Sorry
  • My Confession
Disc 5:
  • That's Why I'm Crying Over You
  • Gone And Left Me Blues
  • When The Tumble Weeds Come Tumbling Down...
  • I'll Be True While You're Gone
  • The End Of The World
  • It Just Don't Matter Now
  • You're On My Mind
  • I'm Wasting My Tears On You
  • Ten Years
  • Old Love Letters
  • Low And Lonely
  • Where The Deep Waters Flow
  • It's Coming Back To You
  • Over The River
  • You Don't Care
  • Let Me Smile My Last Smile At You
  • I'm Tired Of You
  • You Told Me A Lie
  • Frankie And Johnny
  • Jealous Heart
  • Crying Myself To Sleep
  • Fort Worth Jail
  • You're Breaking My Heart
  • My Hillbilly Baby
  • Farther And Farther Apart
Disc 6:
  • I'll Step Aside
  • Worried Mind
  • A Year Ago Tonight
  • Time Changes Everything
  • What Good Will It Do
  • My Time Will Come Someday
  • Grey-Eyed Darling
  • I Never Cross Your Mind
  • I Told You So
  • I'm Beginning To Forget You
  • I'm Gonna Be Long Gone When I Go Away
  • I Walk Alone
  • Heart Of Stone
  • You'll Want Me Back
  • Our Baby Boy
  • Hang Your Head In Shame
  • The Last Goodbye
  • Pins And Neeldes (In My Heart)
  • The Love I Have For You
  • I'll Never Tell You I Love You
  • I Knew The Moment I Lost You
  • I Wonder You Feel The Way I Do
Disc 7:
  • I'll Have To Live And Learn (alt)
  • National Lament
  • Tweedle O'Twill
  • There's A Rainbow On The Rio Colorado
  • Action Speaks Louder Than Words
  • Left All Alone
  • Two More Years (And I'll Be Free)
  • Trailing Home To Mother
  • It's Been So Long Darling
  • Should I Come Back Home To You
  • There's A Little Bit Of Everything In Texas
  • Darling, What More Can I Do
  • There's Gonna Be Some Changes Made Around...
  • You Were Only Teasing Me
  • I'm Free At Last
  • Those Simple Things Are Worth A Million Now
  • Filipino Baby
  • Drivin' Nails In My Coffin
  • Rainbow At Midnight
  • I Don't Blame You
  • I'll Have To Live And Learn
Disc 8:
  • Get In Or Get Out Of My Heart
  • How Can I Be Sure
  • Those Tears In Your Eyes (Were Not For Me)
  • So Round, So Firm, So Fully Packed
  • Don't Look Now
  • A Hundred And Sixty Acres
  • A Woman Has Wrecked Many A Good Man
  • White Christmas
  • It's A Lonely World
  • Mississippi Gal
  • The Trouble With Me Is Trouble
  • Heart Please Be Still
  • I Hope I'm Wrong
  • Those Tears In Your Eyes (false start)
  • Those Tears In Your Eyes (alt)
  • Don't Talk To Me About Dames
  • You Could Have Said Goodbye
  • Those Tears In Your Eyes

Additional Details

Label: Bear Family Records

Genre: Country

Run Time: 614 mins

Release Date: 01/02/07

UPC: 4000127158536

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