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Exotic Robotics - Recreate (DVD)


Exotic Robotics - Recreate (DVD)

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Release Date: 10/25/05

The Exotic Robotics: RECreate DVD features over sixty minutes of some of the wildest Electronic Music Visuals (EMV) ever created by Exotic Robotics with the help of the Atmospherex visual artist collective, including Bionic Dots, Madame Chao Solares, Benton-C and Slinc. The music for the RECreate DVD has a stereo and surround sound mix and is some of the finest progressive house and trance tracks compiled and continuously mixed by UK DJ producer Andy Ling of Fluid Recordings. Andy warms up the decks with deep and moody progressive house tracks that escalate into an electrifying ride through atmospheric melodies and floor-stomping beats.

Genre: Electronic/DJ/Scratch

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