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Farmer Boys - The Other Side (CD)


Farmer Boys - The Other Side (CD)

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Release Date: 12/07/10

Re-release of the band's fourth studio album featuring a major hit: 'Stay Like This Forever.'

'The Other Side' remains an exceptional album in Farmer Boys' discography. Teh band have once and for all proven that their unique blend of hard rock, groove and gothic metal is something truly worth hearing. It brings all the best elements of their previous works, mixing them with a unique cinematic vibe and a bold approach towards alternative music. For all those who enjoy rock and metal that sound unlike anything else, this album is nothing short from mandatory. The new digipak edition of the album includes bonus tracks, 3 audio and 1 video. Remastered using tube technology, digitally edited on a golden disc. Limited to 2000 copies.

Genre: Metal
Run Time: 64 mins

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