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Fear Of Speed (DVD)


Fear Of Speed (DVD)

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Release Date: 06/05/07

Brittany Sears has the fear of speed. She trembles with fear watching the race cars round the track. Hers is the car creeping down the road with the long row of cars backed up behind. But when her boyfriend race car driver, Max Spears, is injured in an attack by Rico Martino and his thugs, Brittany must take his place behind the wheel of his race car. Sensai Zendo believes Brittany can overcome her phobia of speed if she is sexually aroused while traveling fast! This is only one of the incredible plot twists in this spoof of action films: Rico's father produces semen that is both explosive and a powerful narcotic! Sex on the hood of a Lamborghini'

Genre: Comedy
Run Time: 86 mins

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