The Fields (DVD)

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Steven (Joshua Ormond) is a young boy who's sent to live with his grandmother (Academy Award ® winner Cloris Leachman) and grandfather in the country while his mother (Tara Reid) and father work through their marital troubles. Though his grandparents warn him to stay away from the corn stalks near their house, Steven can't help but be drawn into the fields. At the same time, news reports of the murderous Manson Family horrify the nation. Then, strange things start happening: noises come from the fields at night and the family dogs disappear. Gradually, the happenings turn more horrifying, and Steven soon finds himself in the midst of a real life nightmare.

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Label: Breaking Glass Pictures

Genre: Drama

Run Time: 98 mins

Release Date: 04/24/12

UPC: 857965003115

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