Films Of Phil Prince, Avon 7 Triple Feature (DVD)

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A hot shot of pure perversion!

Phil Prince was the last great porn director in New York City, author of some of the scariest, sleaziest, dirtiest adult movies ever committed to film. Specializing in hardedge sex and BDSM fetishism, Prince and his circle of conspirators managed to crank out eye-popping smut that also works as the kind of edgy, street savvy melodrama screened at Times Square's most notorious network of grindhouses, the Avon Cinemas

The Phil Prince Avon 7 Collection Includes

​The Taming of Rebecca (1982) - A young girl who goes to a school for wayward girls to escape her abusive father

Angel in Distress (1982) - A wealthy New York City housewife hires a private detective to find her missing daughter. He discovers that the girl has been kidnapped by a white-slavery ring and is being held and tortured by a group headed by a B&D mistress and her 'slaves' in a Times Square location. He sends in his secretary to infiltrate the group and find a way to free the girl.

Daughter of Discipline (1978) - A young woman gets involved in a sex-and-death cult, and finds out that she is slated to be the cult's next victim. Includes The Taming of Rebecca, about a young girl who goes to a school for wayward girls to escape her abusive father; Angel in Distress; and Daughter of Discipline.


Cast & Crew

  •       George Payne
  •       Sharon Mitchell
  •       Stella Stevens
  •       Velvet Summers
  •       Ambrosia Fox

Director: Phil Prince

Additional Details

Label: After Hours Cinema

Genre: Cult

Language: English

Run Time: 180 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 01/20/15

UPC: 612385431890

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