Filth On 42nd Street Grindhouse Triple Feature 2-DVD Collection (DVD)

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Vintage and Contemporary Grindhouse Triple Feature!

Lesbians, doctors, traveling salesmen and some '70s sex toys - what's not to love? This filthy three-film 'Storefront' Collection from After Hours Cinema features two authentic 16mm fuck films from the early '70s and a one homage so sleazy you'll have a hard time telling it's contemporary!

The Sex Deviates (2008) Elliot Forbes (Adam Trash), 'researcher in the field of medical science,' introduces the first segment of this hour-long opus, which consists of three sexual 'vignettes' starring Biafra Bayne and Tracie Hayes. Biafra is skinny and dark with the tiniest, perfect breasts, while Tracie is full-bodied and lily-white, sporting pendulous, perfectly shaped orbs.

The Apartment (1971) presents a young, chain-smoking couple posing as brother and sister. The 'sister' sports a seriously supreme muff while her 'brother' boasts a fine pair of muttonchops, adding up to some seriously hirsute cunnilingus. The Apartment also has another little extra - a guitar-strumming, folk-singing lesbian who has a bona fide orgasm at the hands of her butch lover and a black vibrator.

In The Girl Next Door (1971) a traveling vibrator salesman has to make do with demonstrating the product on an eighteen-year-old girl instead of her absentee mother. He progresses to demonstrating his own rigid product on - and in - the teenage vixen, until the proceedings are interrupted and he runs off. The forgotten vibrator then triggers a lesbian encounter seemingly by magic before a drunken lout shows up and gives the girl money to 'suck it raw.'

There you go. Three dirty movies that fully supply the filthy feeling we all crave every now and then. Turn down the lights and you might find yourself drifting back to a 42nd Street state of mind. If you dare...

Interview w/Biafra Bayne; After Hours Cinema Trailer Vault; 6-page, full color booklet with photos and liner notes; widescreen telecine from original 16mm Grindhouse prints


Cast & Crew

  •       Biafra Bayne
  •       Adam Trash
  •       Tracie Hayes

Director: The Trash Brothers

Additional Details

Label: After Hours Cinema

Genre: Erotic

Run Time: 240 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 03/20/12

UPC: 612385424793

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