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Fixmer/mccarthy - Between The Devil... (CD)


Fixmer/mccarthy - Between The Devil... (CD)

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Release Date: 07/13/04

Terrance Fixmer and Douglas McCarthy are two names synonymous with electronic music. Fixmer is a well known Techno artist whose releases sell out in stores faster than they can be ordered, and McCarthy was the front man in the Industrial/EBM pioneer band Nitzer Ebb. To say that when these two got together to do electronic music it would be incredible is a violent understatement. With their combined musical knowledge, Fixmer/McCarthy are poised to unleash their electronic assault on the unsuspecting masses. Corrosive, explosive beats, infectious sequences, and aggressive melodies are sure to disintegrate any dance floor. On Metropolis.

Label: Metropolis Records
Genre: Industrial

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