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Flatfoot In Africa/Flatfoot In Hong Kong Double Feature (DVD)


Flatfoot In Africa/Flatfoot In Hong Kong Double Feature (DVD)

$ 41.11 $ 41.99

Release Date: 03/30/10

Flatfoot Delivers The Punches And The Laughs On All Continents!

A Bud Spencer double feature. FLATFOOT IN AFRICA - Commissioner 'Flatfoot' Rizzo (Bud Spencer) in Naples gets a message from a policeman from South Africa who wants to meet him. He has information about a group of drug traffickers who have infiltrated the city. Shortly before the meeting the South African cop is shot. With his dying breath he mentions something to Flatfoot about diamonds and shows him a picture of his son Bodo. Flatfoot travels to Johannesburg to find out what the policeman was working on and to find Bodo. FLATFOOT IN HONG KONG - The police prepares to trap the Drug Lord of Naples. The plan fails and Inspector 'Flatfoot' Rizzo (Bud Spencer) decides to interrogate him for the last time, but when he arrives the Drug Lord has been murdered. This double DVD disc set is a must have!

Label: WHAM! USA
Genre: Action/Adventure
Run Time: 219 mins

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