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Forbidden Beauties: Vintagestag Films Of The 40s And 50s (DVD)


Forbidden Beauties: Vintagestag Films Of The 40s And 50s (DVD)

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Release Date: 04/29/14

By the 1940s amateur erotic productions of beautiful naked models and strippers performing their dances abounded. Blue or stag movies were produced secretly in homes, then circulated discreetly, because it was a felony to be caught viewing or possessing them. This collection presents an especially lovely and bodacious group of girls, often shot at unusual angles to emphasize the ladies' amazing assets. The bizarre standout, <I>The Cleaners</I>, mixes two nubile young girls, lingerie, a vacuum cleaner and household cleaning chores with erotic effect.<P><UL><LI>Busty Blonde<LI>Nature Girl<LI>No Bathing Suit Required<LI>Naked Beauty Of The Tiles<LI>Sleeping In The Raw<LI>Blonde Bombshell<LI>The Cleaners<LI>Ball Player<LI>Naked By The Creek<LI>Gorgeous Brunette Bares All<LI>Naked New Year Resolutions<LI>Lingerie Beauty<LI>Nude On The Sofa<LI>All Over Tanning By The Pool</LI></UL>

Genre: Erotic
Run Time: 55 mins

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