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Forbidden Cinema, Volume 4: Lost Burlesque Classics (DVD)


Forbidden Cinema, Volume 4: Lost Burlesque Classics (DVD)

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Release Date: 05/27/14

A collection of lost burlesque and strip tease shorts.

It began with the birth of cinema itself, but by the 1940s amateur erotic productions of beautiful naked models and strippers performing their dances abounded. Blue or stag movies were produced secretly in homes, the film washed in bathtubs, then circulated discreetly, because it was a felony to be caught viewing or possessing them. Several of the shorts in this collection begin with the protective disclaimer 'This film is released for art classes and art students and is not intended for public exhibition.' Also featured in this collection is rare footage of burlesque queen, actress Sally Rand performing her famous Bubble Dance.<P><UL><LI>Parisian Nights With Ilona<LI>Screen Test Of Joan Arnold<LI>Sheree In Her Original Harem Dance<LI>Inga Zarby<LI>Annette - Naughty, Naughty<LI>Bonnie Jean Hendre<LI>Cherry Knight<LI>Yvonne Marthay<LI>Marie Voe<LI>Lana<LI>Lois In Lingerie<LI>Silk Stocking Poses<LI>Nude Photo Fun<LI>The Sea Nymph<LI>How To Hold A Husband<LI>Backstage In Burlesque<LI>Honeymoon Help Meet<LI>Sally Rand's Bubble Dance<LI>Black Lingerie<LI>Sarong Dance</LI></UL>

Genre: Erotic
Run Time: 58 mins

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