Freakangel - Faults Of Humanity + Humanity By De-fault (CD)

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A mixture of aggrotech, industrial and dark electro with a touch of rock and alternative music.

- Winner of the 'Endzeit Bunkertracks' competition - elected 'Best up and coming act' by over 700 DJ's during the contest organized by Alfa Matrix offering FREAKANGEL a deal with the label - mixed and engineered in Germany in the renown X-Fusion Music Prod. Studio (NOISUF-X, X-FUSION, SUICIDE COMMANDO, etc.). - band featuring Dmitry i.: brain behind SUICIDAL ROMANCE, fr0zen: frontman of CYCLONE B, Art: ex-KAMALOKA guitarist) - remixer for bands like LEAETHER STRIP, ARMAGEDDON DILDOS, AYRIA, etc. - limited carton box edition with remixes by Psy'Aviah, C-Lekktor, Shiv-r, Kant Kino, Centhron, etc. - strong imagery & concept - features the club hit 'Gods Blind Game'

Track Listing

Disc 1:
  • Frailty
  • Gods Blind Game
  • My Darling Bullet
  • Crawling In The Dark
  • The Last White Dance
  • Curse. Forgive. Kill. Cure.
  • Together Against It
  • It's Not A Lovesong
  • Price For All Of Us
  • Under Code
  • Finale
Disc 2:
  • Together Against It (Psy'Aviah rendition)
  • The Last White Dance (AD Inferna remix)
  • Crawling In The Dark (C-Lekktor remix)
  • My Darling Bullet (Angels On Acid remix)
  • Together Against It (Shiv-r remix)
  • The Last White Dance (Gothika remix)
  • Crawling In The Dark (Dolls Of Pain remix)
  • My Darling Bullet (Mommy Hurt My Head remix)
  • Together Against It (The Twilight Garden remix)
  • The Last White Dance (Centhron remix)
  • Crawling In The Dark (Kant Kino remix)
  • My Darling Bullet (2 Bullet remix)
  • Together Against It (De-Source remix)

Additional Details

Label: Alfa Matrix

Genre: Alternative/Punk

Run Time: 140 mins

Release Date: 09/07/10

UPC: 882951714928

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