Iggy And The Stooges - From K.O. To Chaos (CD/DVD)

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An 8-disc box set – 7 x CDs + DVD – all of the Skydog label’s Iggy and the Stooges releases.  Includes the infamous ‘Metallic KO’ ‘Stooges last live show’ issued in ‘76, plus the two full source shows.  Rare studio and live collections ‘We Are Not Talking About Commercial Sh!t’ and ‘Wake Up, Suckers!’.  A DVD of unique Iggy ‘Acoustics KO’ performances together with a studio ‘Acoustics KO’ CD.  The 2003 Stooges reunion live album ‘Telluric Chaos’ recorded in Japan.  Plus, additional EP tracks. Together with a 48-page booklet and detailed notes by Iggy Pop biographer, Paul Trynka

When the riotous, confrontational 'last ever' Iggy & the Stooges gig Metallic KO was issued in 1976 on the French indie Skydog label, it heralded the punk movement and cemented Iggy's position in it.  Iggy’s career then took off, and a lengthy liaison between Skydog and Iggy Pop continued, with releases through and beyond the Stooges reunion 29 years later.

Here are all of the Skydog label's Iggy releases, remastered, in a clam-shell box set containing seven CDs and a DVD – a fitting tribute to the label’s punk pioneer boss Marc Zermati, who passed away in June.  Marc started Skydog in 1973, arguably Europe’s first independent rock label, and in the same year that Metallic KO was released he organised the ‘First Punk Festival’ in Mont de Marsan.

The box includes the two Metallic KO source tapes pitch-corrected, collections of rare songs, acoustic shows on DVD, a studio acoustic CD and the Stooges 2003 live reunion.  Includes a 48-page booklet with notes by Paul Trynka, the Iggy Pop ‘Open Up and Bleed’ biographer and former Mojo editor, and rare and unseen photos.





  1. Raw Power (Remastered 1976 album)
  2. Head On (Remastered 1976 album)
  3. Gimme Danger (Remastered 1976 album)
  4. Rich Bitch (Remastered 1976 album)
  5. Cock In My Pocket (Remastered 1976 album)
  6. Iggy Talks (Remastered 1976 album)
  7. Louie Louie (Remastered 1976 album)


  1. Raw Power
  2. Head On
  3. Gimme Danger (Oct 6 1973)
  4. Search and Destroy
  5. Heavy Liquid (Oct 6 1973)
  6. Open Up and Bleed


  1. Heavy Liquid (Feb 9 1974)
  2. I Got Nothin'
  3. Rich Bitch
  4. Gimme Danger (Feb 9 1974)
  5. Cock in My Pocket
  6. Louie Louie


  1. The Winter of My Discontent
  2. Batman Theme
  3. Louie Louie / Hang On Sloopy
  4. No Fun / Waiting for My Man
  5. 96 Tears
  6. I'm Crying
  7. I'm Alright
  8. One for My Baby
  9. Hassles
  10. Puppet World
  11. Flesh And Blood
  12. Family Affair
  13. You Really Got Me
  14. I Wanna Be Your Dog (acoustic, Barcelona '93)
  15. I Wanna Be Your Dog (San Diego)
  16. I Wanna Be Your Dog (Switzerland)


  1. I Got a Right
  2. Gimme Some Skin
  3. Gimme Danger
  4. Heavy Liquid
  5. I Got Nothing
  6. Rock Action
  7. Modern Guy
  8. Run Like a Villain
  9. Eat or Be Eaten
  10. Sixteen
  11. Woman Dream
  12. Love Bone
  13. Fire Engine
  14. Warrior Tribe
  15. Mule Skinner


  1. Mixing The Colour
  2. Louie Louie
  3. I Wanna Be Your Dog
  4. Pablo Picasso
  5. Loose
  6. Gloria
  7. Social Life
  8. Highway Song
  9. Beside You
  10. Intro
  11. Down On The Street
  12. I Won't Crap Out
  13. Loose
  14. I Wanna Be Your Dog
  15. Brick By Brick
  16. Butt Town
  17. 1969
  18. Skydography
  19. Planet of Dogs
  20. Miss Argentina


  1. Butt Town
  2. Foolish Dreams
  3. Beggar
  4. The Wind
  5. Starry Night
  6. Brick By Brick
  7. I Am
  8. Think Alone
  9. LA Blues
  10. Nightclubbing


  1. Loose (Live)
  2. Down on the Street (Live)
  3. 1969 (Live)
  4. I Wanna Be Your Dog (Live)
  5. TV Eye (Live)
  6. Dirt (Live)
  7. Real Cool Time (Live)
  8. No Fun (Live)
  9. 1970 (Live)
  10. Fun House (Live)
  11. Skull Ring (Live)
  12. Dead Rock Star (Live)
  13. Little Electric Chair (Live)
  14. Little Doll (Live)
  15. My Idea of Fun (Live)
  16. I Wanna Be Your Dog (Live)
  17. Not Right (Live)

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