Gabor Gado - Byzantinum (CD)

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Apocalypse, 21st century
(Apocryphal fragment)
9. And the LORD said: Cut ye off Evil from yourselves; by conceiving yourselves to be God ye do gainsay the existence of Evil in the world.

10. Ye must do battle with Evil, and ye must defeat Evil, but ye must not gainsay that Evil exist, because the absence of Evil is not the same as Good.


Track Listing

    • Two songs from the Merry Hunting Songs cycle: I. Merry hunting song after a good shot
    • Russian Russian
    • Avicenna
    • Wandering exile 1
    • Mirandola
    • Kismet
    • Two songs from the Merry Hunting Songs cycle: II. Lofty thoughts of the beloved in the shadow of a herd of stag
    • Byzantinum
    • Steps - intervals
    • Night music
    • Wandering exile 2
    • Contemplatio
    • Юродивий (Jurodivij)

    Additional Details

    Label: BMC Records

    Genre: Jazz

    Language: English

    Run Time: 48 mins

    Release Date: 04/14/08

    UPC: 5998309301377

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