Gabor Gado Quartet - Unknown Kingdom (CD)

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Gábor Gadó offers here his most intimate, most secret album.

Gabor Gado offers here his most intimate, most secret album. The darkest also - in contrast to the earlier Orthodoxia, which was marked by an intense melodic luminosity. (Franck Bergerot)
Gado's music embraces the musical thinking of the present age without limits or restrictions. It is delightful music, poetry written in the first person. It cannot be placed on any stylistic shelf. If one were to attempt to do so, it would rise and float above the shelves. Gado's music is a fusion of the always prevalent intimate-modern and jazz. And it seems to me that it will be this fusion that will set the tone in the years to come. (Peter Eotvos)

Track Listing

    • Unknown Kingdom
    • Champs-Elysées Affair
    • Europa
    • Friends' Play
    • The World of Ulro
    • Little Bloody Song
    • In Memory of Three Poets
    • Nathalie, Pascal and the Angel

    Additional Details

    Label: BMC Records

    Genre: Jazz

    Language: English

    Run Time: 70 mins

    Release Date: 12/17/03

    UPC: 5998309300943

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