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Gardiner's World: The TV Show (DVD)


Gardiner's World: The TV Show (DVD)

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Release Date: 02/22/11

This alternative TV show presents interviews with some of the most knowledgeable guests on earth discussing a wide range of subjects that include History, Religion, Ancient Mysteries and all things Esoteric and Occult. Filmed in the UK, this DVD includes 5 special interviews with authors, Tim Wallace-Murphy, Crichton Miller, Robert Feather, Oddvar Olsen and Steve Mitchell. Hear never before revealed information on the Knights Templar, newfound Secrets of the Ancients, Secret Societies, The Holy Grail, Sacred Treasure, the Essene at Qumran, and see a demonstration of a 'working' Celtic cross that will change your mind on its true purpose and meaning. Filmmaker/author Philip Gardiner delves deep.

Genre: Documentary
Run Time: 90 mins

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