Generichrist - Fuck Ritual (CD)


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Raw and brutal deathmetal from Florida.

After the demise of UKNOWN CURE which has been together from 2001 to 2007. Tony Anderson (LUSTMORE, UKNOWN CURE), Guy Loucks (454, UNKNOWN CURE) and newly acquired member Dave Conte (UNKNOWN CURE, CIRCLE THE DRAIN) vowed to press on. With a name change and newly acquired Guitarist Wayne Clark (ANIMISTIC EVIL, TRIAL BY STONE) the band was in motion under the name BLOODHOUSE which was sort lived due to the band focus and blending styles. Now GENERICHRIST is the chosen title for this evolution of Metal. The Band has no limitations and focuses on the violence and hatred of today's shallow humanity. 'Fuck Ritual' is GENERICHRISTs first Album - extreme and raw Deathmetal.

Track Listing

    • Funeral March Of The Maggots
    • Wheel Of Serpents
    • Vanity Pyre
    • Fuck Ritual
    • Devils Warship
    • Neonaticide

    Additional Details

    Label: IMV Blueline

    Genre: Metal

    Run Time: 43 mins

    Release Date: 02/24/09

    UPC: 5783817130072

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