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Genitorturers - Society Of Genitorture DVD (DVD)


Genitorturers - Society Of Genitorture DVD (DVD)

$ 15.38 $ 15.99

Release Date: 10/09/01

The Genitorturers have gained a loyal following of fans from LA to Tokyo and everywhere in between with their hauntingly disturbed stage performances. But don't be quick to judge. Open your musical mind and allow them to penetrate you, in more ways than one, with their addictive Sound. Those who have seen a Genitorturers show know what they are getting and consistently come back for more divine torture...and those who have not...Have Mercy On Their Souls! This DVD features 3 acts including Circus Satanica, The Interrogation, and The Sacrifice. Offer your gift of submission and be rewarded with a carnival of depravity sure to capture your soul and leave you begging for more!

Genre: Alternative/Punk
Run Time: 60 mins

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