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Genocide Organ - Under-kontrakt (CD)


Genocide Organ - Under-kontrakt (CD)

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Release Date: 10/11/11

A powerful assault and aggressive undertone interchanges with a dense depressive mood.

FOR FANS OF: Throbbing Gristle, Haus Arafna, Anenzephalia, SPK. The latest new Genocide Organ album dates back to 2005 - now in 2011 the world is challenged by wellknown old and antic patterns and presumed economic reasons. That of military contractors - whether it have been the cretian archers, the celtic cavlery, the germanic body guards, the swiss guards - muslim or christian motivated soldiers, spartans and greeks - european or asian - UN - Forces or private contractors - those people always seeked more than money - the record here deals with the overall topic of mercenary or more.

Genre: Alternative/Punk
Run Time: 40:45 mins

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