George Montgomery Action 4-Pack (DVD)

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Guerillas in Pink Lace, Samar, Satan's Harvest & Steel Claw

GUERILLAS IN PINK: As the Japanese advance on Manila early in WWII, Brass Murphy, trying to escape, is given a military pass by a kindly priest. In cleric's disguise, Murphy finds himself the “chaperone” of a group of five showgirls. The plane in which they escape is shot down, and they find themselves on an enemy-held, small island. From that point on, their adventure becomes both harrowing and hilarious. RT: 96 mins, Color, NR, 1.33:1, 1964 SAMAR: A strange and suspenseful story of a penal camp located in Spain. A prisoner arrives in the camp and attempts to alleviate the suffering of the prisoners. Action galore! RT: 102 mins, Color, NR, 1.33:1, 1962 SATAN'S HARVEST: An American detective arriving in Johannesburg to claim an inheritance discovers that the deed to the estate has been falsified by a ruthless group of cutthroat criminals who are using it as a front to run dope. His attempts to regain control of the land leads him to several countries and finally to an abandoned warehouse where he is forced to engage in a deadly game of wits and weapons with the outlaws. RT: 104 mins, Color, NR, 1.33:1, 1970 STEEL CLAW: A one-handed Marine captain leads a mission into the interior of the Philippines during early days of WWII to rescue an American general held captive there. Beset by jungle and the enemy, the group sets off on what becomes the most amazing adventure ever experienced by U.S. military men. RT: 96 mins, Color, NR, 1.33:1, 1961

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Label: VCI Entertainment

Genre: War

Run Time: 398 mins

Release Date: 07/31/07

UPC: 089859633621

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