George Morgan - Candy Kisses (CD)

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8-CD box (LP-size) with 40-page book, 201 tracks. Playing time approx. 504 mns

When George Morgan is mentioned these days, it's usually in the context of his daughter, Lorrie. People forget that George was a country superstar from the late Forties and during the Fifties. Like Eddy Arnold, he was one of the original country crooners, but his smooth style was always country. He also wrote and sang one of the great post-war country classics, Candy Kisses, which is included here together with all of George's Columbia recordings.

There are 200 songs on these eight CDs, including classic hits like Room Full Of Roses, Cry Baby's Heart, Almost, and You're The Only Good Thing That's Happened To Me.

The 'Slippin' Around'' album with Marion Worth is here together with George's pioneering Nashville Sound album, 'Golden Memories'. Anyone with a taste for the smoother side of country music, like Jim Reeves and Patsy Cline, should check out George Morgan.

Track Listing

Disc 1:
  • All I Need Is Some More Lovin'
  • Candy Kisses
  • Rainbow In My Heart
  • Please Don't Let Me Love You
  • Silver River
  • Don't Make Me Sorry
  • Put All Your Lovin In A Cookie Jar
  • Room Full Of Roses
  • I Love Everything About You
  • Ring On Your Finger
  • Cry Baby Heart
  • Why In Heaven's Name
  • The Shoe Is On The Other... (& DINAH SHORE)
  • Wedding Dolls (& DINAH SHORE)
  • Greedy Fingers
  • Angel Mother
  • Lucky Seven
  • You Win The Bride
  • So Far
  • Warm Hands, Cold Heart (& DOLLY GOOD)
  • Don't Be Afraid To Love Me
  • I Know You'll Never Change
  • Pardon Me For Being A Fool
  • D-A-R-L-I-N-G
Disc 2:
  • Somebody Robbed My Beehive
  • I Love No One But You
  • Broken Candy Heart
  • I Wish I May, I Wish I Might
  • Tennessee Hillbilly Ghost
  • Waltzing By The Ohio
  • My Heart Keeps Telling Me
  • Fresh Red Apple Cheeks
  • My Baby Lied To Me
  • Stranger In The Night
  • Mansion Over The Hilltop
  • Cry Of The Lamb
  • You're A Little Doll
  • Almost
  • Every Little Thing Rolled Into One
  • Be Sure You Know
  • Whistle My Love
  • One-Woman Man
  • Please Believe
  • Harbor Of Broken Hearts
  • Will The Angels Let Me Play
  • Can You Trust Me Again
  • You're The Only One...(& ROSEMARY CLOONEY)
  • Withered Roses (& ROSEMARY CLOONEY)
  • You Love Me Just Enough To Hurt Me(& CLOONEY)
  • Grapevine Swing (& ROSEMARY CLOONEY)
Disc 3:
  • Ain't Love Grand
  • A Lover's Quarrel
  • Honky Tonk Street
  • Most Of All
  • Every Prayer Is A Flower
  • How Many Times
  • I Passed By Your Window
  • The Lonesome Waltz
  • I'll Furnish The Shoulder You Cry On
  • Half-Hearted
  • Look What Followed Me Home Tonight
  • No One Knows It Better Than Me
  • Love, Love, Love
  • The First Time I Told You A Lie
  • It's Been Nice
  • Walking Shoes
  • I Think I'm Going To Cry
  • Sweetheart
  • A Cheap Affair (& SHIRLEY DALE)
  • So Lonesome
  • I'd Like To Know
  • A Shot In The Dark
  • The Best Mistake
  • Whither Thou Goest
  • Oceans Of Tears
  • Oh, Gentle Shepherd
  • You Don't Have To Walk Alone
Disc 4:
  • Lonesome Record
  • Ever So Often
  • Little Pioneer
  • She's Back In Town
  • Jesus Savior Pilot Me
  • Stay Away From Me Baby
  • Take A Look At Yourself
  • Send For My Baby
  • Now You Know
  • There Goes My Love
  • The Way Of A Hopeless Love
  • Perfect Romance
  • Can I Be Dreaming
  • Don't Cry, For You I Love
  • Sweet, Sweet Lips
  • The Tears Behind The Smile
  • Don't Knock It
  • Our Summer Vacation
  • It Always Ends Too Soon
  • Late Date
  • My House Is Divided
  • It's A Sin
  • The One Rose
  • White Azaleas
  • You're The Only Star In My Blue Heaven
Disc 5:
  • I'm Not Afraid
  • Loveable You
  • Rockabilly Bungalow
  • Come Away From His Arms
  • I'm In Love Again
  • The Touch Of Your Sweet Lips
  • It Was All In Your Mind
  • Little Dutch Girl
  • The Last Thing I Want To Know
  • You're The Only Good Thing
  • One Empty Chair
  • Where There's A Will There's A Way
  • Who Knows You Best
  • It's Best You Know
  • The Little Green Men
  • Only One Minute More
  • The Day Will Come
Disc 6:
  • Mother Machree
  • Smilin' Thru
  • Mighty Like A Rose
  • Beautiful Dreamer
  • Galway Bay
  • Memories
  • Danny Boy
  • The Rosary
  • The Old Refrain
  • Across The Wide Missouri
  • Dear Little Boy Of Mine
  • Every Day Of My Life
  • Don't You Know Me
  • Our Love
  • Lonely Room
  • Let Me Live And Love Today
  • I Can Hear My Heart Break
  • Have I Ever Been Untrue
  • Blue Snowfall
  • Beyond My Heart
  • Macht nichts
  • Where Is My Love
Disc 7:
  • Tender Lovin' Care
  • Would You Believe
  • Whose Memory Are You
  • All Right
  • One Dozen Roses
  • You're Not Home Yet
  • Back Again
  • Just Like A Fool
  • We Could
  • Almost All The Time
  • In Your Eyes
  • Your Lonely Nights Are Over
  • Just Out Of Reach
  • Sin And Silver (& MARION WORTH)
  • Slipping Around (& MARION WORTH)
  • I Love You So Much It Hurts (& MARION WORTH)
  • Country Boy - City Girl (& MARION WORTH)
  • Just Your Conscience (& MARION WORTH)
  • Too Busy Saying Goodbye (& MARION WORTH)
  • Tears And Roses
  • Dear John
  • Happy Endings
  • Please Help Me I'm Falling (& MARION WORTH)
  • Slowly (& MARION WORTH)
  • How Can We Plan The Future (& MARION WORTH)
  • The Beginning Of The End (& MARION WORTH)
  • The Eyes Of The World (& MARION WORTH)
  • I'm Thinking Tonight Of My Blue Eyes(& WORTH)
  • I'll Call You Charlie (& MARION WORTH)
Disc 8:
  • Yesterday's Roses
  • Bouquet Of Roses
  • Teardrops On The Roses
  • A Petal From A Faded Rose
  • The Convict And The Rose
  • Roses
  • One Rose
  • The Violet And A Rose
  • Roses Are Red
  • By The River Of The Roses
  • A Picture That's New
  • Bring Your Roses To Her Now
  • Red Roses For A Blue Lady
  • It's All Coming Home To You But Me
  • Not From My World
  • Saving All My Love (& MARION WORTH)
  • Home Is Where The Heart Is
  • No Man Should Hurt As Bad As I Do
  • There Goes My World
  • Married (& MARION WORTH)
  • The Wheel Of Hurt (& MARION WORTH)
  • Speak Well Of Me

Additional Details

Label: Bear Family Records

Genre: Country

Run Time: 504 mins

Release Date: 01/02/07

UPC: 4000127158512

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