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Geri/batson Brothers Allen - Three Pianos For Jimi (CD)


Geri/batson Brothers Allen - Three Pianos For Jimi (CD)

$ 15.99

Release Date: 10/13/09

Triad, comprised of Geri Allen with brothers Mark and Scott Batson, tackle the music of Jimi Hendrix in a way that surely the grand master of psychedelic acid blues-rock guitar would never have fathomed. These three acoustic pianists reinvent the familiar themes of Hendrix into a new music that might take fans aback, but if listened to closely, reaps great rewards as legitimate extensions of the original works. What it also indicates is that before he unceremoniously passed away at a far too young age, Hendrix was working in jazz contexts with Gil Evans,

Label: Douglas Music
Genre: Jazz
Run Time: 50.95 mins

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