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Gilberto Gil - Sou Loco Por Voce (CD)


Gilberto Gil - Sou Loco Por Voce (CD)

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Release Date: 11/08/11

1987 album from Gilberto Gil.

This Gilberto Gil reissue of an album recorded in 1987 brings several of his hits under a new dressing, consisting of contemporary rhythms such as funk and reggae, mixed with Caribbean influences and Brazilian music. An electric album with plenty of brass attacks, it is fully danceable yet melodically rich and lyrically expressive. 'Aquele Abraço,' 'Vida,' 'Soy Loco Por Ti America,' 'Babá Alapalá,' and 'Mar de Copacabana' are all classic Gil.

Label: ATOM
Genre: Latin

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