Gillan - The Gillan Tapes Volume 3 (CD)

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Gillan is Ian Gillan, Jannick Gers, John Mccoy, Colin Towns, Bernie Torme and Mick Underwood.

The Gillan Tapes Volume 3 is a scorcher as it includes the very rare eight and half minute 'live' studio version of 'Smoke On The Water' which has never before been released on CD plus numerous other rarities CD2 is 'For Gillan Fans Only' and is FREE (charged as a single CD)

Track Listing

    • Running White Face City Boy
    • Trouble
    • Sunbeam
    • I'll Rip Your Spine Out
    • If You Believe Me
    • Long Gone
    • You're Sisters On My List
    • Fiji (no17)
    • Born To Kill (live)
    • M.A.D. (live)
    • Ballad Of The Lucitania Express-The Trilogy
    • Unchain Your Brain (live)
    • No Laughing In Heaven (live)
    • So Low
    • The Festivals Of Spirit
    • Smoke On The Water
    • La Donna Mobile
    • Higher And Higher
    • Your Mother Was Right
    • Red Watch
    • Abbey Of Thelema
    • Trying To Get To You
    • Come Tomorrow
    • Dragons Tongue
    • Post Fade Brain Damage
    • Egg Timer (Vice Versa)
    • The Harry Lime Theatre

    Additional Details

    Label: Angel Air

    Genre: Metal

    Run Time: 125 mins

    Release Date: 01/20/09

    UPC: 5055011700512

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