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Gingerdead Man 2:the Passion Of The Crust New (DVD)


Gingerdead Man 2:the Passion Of The Crust New (DVD)

$ 12.95

Release Date: 06/24/08

Young Kelvin Cheatam has just inherited his father's fledgling movie studio. After a string of unsuccessful box office bombs, the passionate young producer as been struggling to keep the place from closing down for good. Desperate for another hit movie, he quickly puts several outrageous genre films into production. Little does he know...that Cheatam Studios is about to get more action than he ever imagined as the deranged cookie murderer known as The Gingerbread Man is about to crash the studio lot and leave behind a trail of bloody murder and hilarious mayhem. Terror still has never tasted so good!

Genre: Horror
Run Time: 80 mins

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