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Goodbye Thrill - Keepsakes (CD/DVD)


Goodbye Thrill - Keepsakes (CD/DVD)

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Release Date: 04/06/10

Goodbye Thrill, simply put, is all about fun, good times, good music and blowin' up your speakers!

GOODBY THRILL comprises of seasoned musicians from the NY, MD and VA area . Marc Ferreira on Lead Vocals/Guitars is the driving force behind this hot new melodic rock act, with his soulful and melodic smooth voice. Something sure to please fans of FIREHOUSE, DEF LEPPARD and a harder edged JOURNEY. Now every good singer needs a good wing man and one couldn't ask for a better guitarist then Dean Cramer! For 10 years Dean cut his teeth and honed his craft playing with KIX front man Steve Whiteman, in the band FUNNY MONEY. Dean has laid down some of the tastiest guitar work he has ever done to date with the band's debut album. A rock star if there ever was one. Now every good band needs a solid backbone. After several years in the platinum act FIREHOUSE, enter bass player and stage wild man Darid Seixas! Bringing a stage show that is the Yin to Dean Cramer's Yang! Rounding out the band is the solid back beat of Pete Eibelman-drums.

Genre: Metal
Run Time: 72:40 mins

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