Gordon Grdina's East Van Strings - The Breathing Of Statues (CD)

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Grdina's all-string quartet plays music inspired by Bartok, Webern, free jazz, Arabic music, Philip Glass and Jim Hall.

Vancouver guitarist/oud player Gordon Grdina's all-string quartet, playing original compositions and improvs inspired by Bartok, Webern, Berg, free jazz, Arabic taqasim, Philip Glass, and Jim Hall's string projects. The string trio (Jesse Zubot, Eyvind Kang and Peggy Lee) are internationally recognized virtuosos, which gives the group a unique profile and the music a broad range of expression: complex, gritty or lyrical, often very intense. The title track establishes a much more contemplative atmosphere, with subtle emotional shadings. It follows the development of the Arabic maqam (mode) Nahawand through a conversation between oud and string trio, initiated by unaccompanied oud improvisations (taqasim) and culminating in a dance-like section for the full quartet in an almost traditional Arabic 10/4 rhythm.

Grdina began writing with these three players in mind, the written material based on ideas that had emerged during free playing with each of them individually and which seemed to reference Bartok and the second Viennese school. 'The written material was to be a sort of framework around the improvisation. I'm a big fan of atonality, or as Schoenberg says atonic music, where tonality is still present though it's been greatly expanded. But I'm not formally trained as a classical composer, I've just listened to the music from an improvising musician's perspective. Once we started playing together things changed quite a bit, because I wanted to have the input of these musicians that I greatly admire. Each of them has a unique sound and perspective on music, and as the leader I wanted to be consciously open and malleable so that we could come up with something together. In the end the core ideas stayed true to my concept, but the resulting execution and arrangements were forged by the ensemble.'

24/88.2K recording mixed to stereo and 5.0.

Track Listing

    • Selma
    • Holy Departure
    • Silence Of Paintings
    • Origin
    • Santiago
    • Webern
    • Nayeli Joon
    • The Breathing Of Statues
    • Wide Open

    Additional Details

    Label: Songlines

    Genre: Jazz

    Run Time: 55 mins

    Release Date: 09/08/09

    UPC: 774355157220

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