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Green Devils: German Paratrooper Elite (DVD)


Green Devils: German Paratrooper Elite (DVD)

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Release Date: 08/25/09

First seeing action during the invasion of Denmark and Norway in April 1940, the Green Devils were the 'fallschirmjaeger' or paratrooper arm of the Luftwaffe and were to see extensive service in both air-drop and ground roles, through to the war's end in 1945. Two programs are included. 1933-1941: This program deals with the evolution of the paratrooper arm and goes into depth about their important role in the invasion of the west in 1940. It also offers coverage of Operation Merkur - the invasion of Crete in 1941. 1942-1945: This program shows their operation in North Africa through to East Prussia and the borders of Germany in 1944-45 as well as in the theatres of Italy and Normandy.

Genre: War
Run Time: 106 mins

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