Griffin Brothers - Blues With A Beat Vol 2 (CD)


$ 11.99


This second volume of the recordings of the fabulous Griffin Brothers Orchestra featuring Margie Day and Tommy Brown consists of 23 more of their rocking R&B workouts most of which are making their CD debut. When the Orchestra disbanded Buddy Griffin recorded with his wife Claudia and four of these titles are featured as bonus tracks. The fully illustrated 12 page booklet comes with detailed liner notes by R&B expert Dave Penny.

Track Listing

    • Hopin'
    • Street Walkin Daddy
    • Bonaparte's Retreat
    • Riffin' With Griffin'
    • If You Want Some Love
    • Your Best Friend
    • I've Got A New Love
    • Stay Away From The Horses
    • Slow And Mellow
    • Midnight
    • My Story
    • My Baby's Done Me Wrong
    • Black Bread
    • Griff's Mambo
    • Fare Thee Well Pretty Baby
    • Must I
    • I'm Gonna Raise A Rukus Tonight
    • Move It On Over
    • Bouncing Home
    • String Bean
    • Don't Talk To Me About Men
    • Don't Leave Me
    • The Price I Pay
    • Oh What A Smile Can Do
    • Farewell Handsome Daddy
    • Please Come Back To Me
    • I Want To Hug Ya, Kiss Ya, Squeeze Ya.

    Additional Details

    Label: Acrobat

    Genre: Pop/Rock

    Release Date: 11/08/11

    UPC: 824046521820

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