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Grindhouse Double Feature: Bizarre & Deadly Perversions (DVD)


Grindhouse Double Feature: Bizarre & Deadly Perversions (DVD)

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Release Date: 06/10/08

CHINA WHITE SERPENTINE: Struggling writer Dave Croninch is investigating the mysterious death of his younger brother Trent. Trent was enticed by dark forces and entrapped in a lair of sin. Trent was under the control of Tracey, a drug-dealing seductress who had spun this web of wrongdoing. Theirs was a world of erotic indulgence, frequent drug use, and dangerous mind games. BIZARRE LUST OF A SEXUAL DEVIANT: Extended Director's Version! A prowler is on the loose in the city. He stalks women, chloroforms them, and then molests their unconscious naked bodies. Only Angie knows the secrets behind the masked intruder. But she has some secrets of her own that could end this terror.

Genre: Horror
Run Time: 140 mins

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