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Grindhouse Trash Collection Part 2 (DVD)


Grindhouse Trash Collection Part 2 (DVD)

$ 30.82 $ 30.99

Release Date: 02/21/12

Secretaries, stewardesses and an amorous widow feature in this three-fer of Storefront features.

A Whitman Sampler of slightly stale, cream-filled store-front confections guaranteed to justify the $5.00 admission. MELVIN KISSEM concerns the amorous adventures of three secretaries willing to ante up for an evening of satisfying sport sex with a trio of male studs. IN-FLIGHT SERVICE follows the erotic adventures of two red-blooded roommates - an airline hostess and an exotic dancer. FIRES DOWN BELOW 'My life is so empty since Brian was killed in Viet Nam,' we hear a ravishing, dark-haired beauty complain before getting Brian's army buddy into the sack!

Genre: Erotic
Run Time: 240 mins

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