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Grisha Goryachev - Homenaje A Sabicas (CD)


Grisha Goryachev - Homenaje A Sabicas (CD)

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Release Date: 10/07/13

Flamenco Music of Sabicas

Immortalized as 'Sabicas', Agustín Castellón Campos was one of the leading flamenco guitarists of the 20th century and one of the greatest guitar virtuosos of all time. Sabicas possessed an incredibly refined technique and a remarkably full and powerful tone. While Sabicas was an important innovator and introduced many new guitar techniques to flamenco, his playing style was almost never daring, but rather reserved, tasteful, delicate and romantic. His compositions were always very melodic and featured somewhat classical harmonies. TRACK LISTING: 1. Danza Arabe(4:36) 2. Guajira (4:00) 3. Verdiales (5:10) 4. Bulerias (2:28) 5. Farruca (4:07) 6. Taranta (6:59) 7. Alegrias (4:02) 8. Farruca (4:01) 9. Sevillanas (3:09) 10. Fantasia Inca (4:32) 11. Rondena (4:50)

Label: Vgo Recordings
Genre: Latin
Run Time: 40 mins

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