Grizzly Band - Lost And Found (CD)

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Punk rock inspired Americana!

The band, formed in 2008 in the music center of the Bay Area, is primarily inspired by such acts as Bruce Springsteen, Lucero, Johnny Cash, Social Distortion, and Jawbreaker, Their sound has been associated with the many genres of Rock, Country, Punk, and Americana.
In 2010, their first album, 'How Fast They Fade' (iTunes, Spotify, Amazon) was released. 2011 brought Grizzly their first live recorded album, 'Drunk and Loud: Live at Rudyard's' (iTunes, Spotify, Amazon) which captured the high octane energy of bar music that they have become known for, 'Victory' was released in January 2013 on iTunes and Amazon Demand.
Their new album 'Lost and Found' will be released on Altercation Records in 2014.

Additional Details

Label: Altercation Records

Genre: Alternative/Punk

Language: English

Run Time: 48 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 08/12/14

UPC: 888174770208

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