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Hellfighter - Damnation's Wings (CD)


Hellfighter - Damnation's Wings (CD)

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Release Date: 05/03/11

The very welcome and highly anticipated return for former members of cult UK thrash metallers Xentrix.

HELLFIGHTER's debut album DAMNATION'S WINGS marks the welcome and anticipated return for former members of UK cult thrashers Xentrix, who spent most of the 1990s touring Europe and battering audiences into submission. Xentrix released five albums and toured extensively with bands such as Testament, Sabbat and Tankard to critical acclaim and are now acknowledged as one of the foremost British exponents of the Thrash Metal genre. DAMNATION'S WINGS blends intelligent, mature song writing with their Thrash and Metal roots, delivering mayhem and melody, power and precision.

Genre: Metal
Run Time: 54:27 mins

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