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Hip Hop Massive (DVD)


Hip Hop Massive (DVD)

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Release Date: 11/20/07

The four cornerstones of the hip hop movement are featured in amazing and exclusive footage; the B-boy, the graffiti artist, the deejay and the MC. We will meet Miami's hottest breakdancers and witness the most visually striking B-Boy jam ever captured on film. Graffiti is one of the main elements of Hip Hop and Miami is home to the world's best writers - we'll see raw art from Dash 167, Marley and more. We also go to the International Turntablist Federation's world's finals and see the world's most amazing DJs and upcoming artists. Featuring incredible interviews and performances by Gang Starr, Grandmaster Melle Mel, KRS-One, Invisible Skratch Piklz, D.J. Relm, A-Trak and more.

Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
Run Time: 75 mins

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