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His Name Was Yesterday (CD)


His Name Was Yesterday (CD)

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Release Date: 11/09/10

A brutal but compelling mix of hardcore, metal and hard rock.

With several years and numerous projects under their belts, the collective members of His Name Was Yesterday are fueled by the realization that this may be their last shot to make the music they love so much. This fact becomes increasingly apparent listening to the bands new self titled studio album. The songs blend aspects of hardcore, metal and hard rock to create a sound that is a direct current to both the bands' heart and soul. Like life, music is created and destroyed everyday. The breath of its existence is fragile and can be broken at any instance. It is in these moments that you will find His Name Was Yesterday, fighting for every breath, and living with the ghosts of their past. We call upon the misguided and lonely, asking your hearts to beat in unison with ours, creating a thundering sound which no man can ever silence.

Label: CATCH 22
Genre: Metal
Run Time: 48:15 mins

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