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Horror Stories (korean Film) (DVD)


Horror Stories (korean Film) (DVD)

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Release Date: 10/08/13

A teenage girl is kidnapped by a psychopath with a speech impediment and tied up, she begins tell different horror stories to her abductor. She tells four tales... 'Don't Answer to the Door' by JUNG Bum-shik (Epitaph): A young brother and sister are home alone during the night. There rings the door bell, but they're never supposed to open the door to strangers. Not until mom comes home. 'Endless Flight' by LIM Dae-woong (To Sir, With Love): A plane in mid-flight - where you have nowhere to run or jump off. What if you're left alone with a serial killer' 'Secret Recipe' by HONG Ji-young (The Naked Kitchen): The untold true story behind a good sister and her evil stepsister tale. 'Ambulance on the Dead Zone' by KIM Gok and KIM Sun (White): In an ambulance running away from a fatal Zombie virus, who are the infected among the five survivors'

Genre: Horror
Run Time: 108 mins

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