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I.c.e. Cool (DVD)


I.c.e. Cool (DVD)

$ 15.38 $ 15.99

Release Date: 10/23/12

How cool can ICE get' We'll show you - there are no limits to what can be achieved when you turn your car interior into a cutting edge playpen with the latest in sound, satellite and slick gadgets. Featuring expert advice from the country's leading audio labs and demo facilities, this film explores the complex and techno world of 'ICE,' including an exclusive visit to Alpine's incredible EM (Electro Magnetic) chamber. Learn top tips on what to look for when buying and fitting the latest toys. Plus, check out the all new Playstation generation gadgets and in-car computer systems giving access to the internet whilst on the move. In the search for the country's most ICE'd cars, witness mind-blowing mobile showcases including a '125,000 Citroen C2 with 6 x pulse screen monitors, DVD and Satellite navigation, 13 x Amplifiers, 6 x Subwoofers, 2 x Mid Bass Kits, i Pod interface, on-board computer and much much more. It's out of this world!

Label: Duke Marketing
Genre: Sports/Games
Run Time: 61 mins

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