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I:Scintilla - Dying & Falling (CD)


I:Scintilla - Dying & Falling (CD)

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Release Date: 01/11/11

Chicago's female-fronted act I:SCINTILLA returns in 2010 with their much anticipated new album 'Dying & Falling.'

- new album again produced by Wade Alin - features the club hit 'Prey On You' & 'Swimmers can drown' - was voted with the previous album best newcomer by Germany's reference music magazines Orkus and Zillo! - limited carton box edition with bonus disc featurting remixes by IRIS, THE DREAMSIDE, ESSENCE OF MIND, DJ RAM or yet FREAKANGEL... - new North American tour in preparation - strong appeal to fans of EVANESCENCE, CURVE, THEATRE OF TRAGEDY, NINE INCH NAILS, etc.

Genre: Metal
Run Time: 70 mins

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