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Illnath - Third Act In The Theatre Of Madness (CD)


Illnath - Third Act In The Theatre Of Madness (CD)

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Release Date: 08/13/13

Formed in 1999, Danish female-fronted death metallers ILLNATH are a band which has evolved explosively through the years. Initially labeled as a symphonic black metal act their style is now a mature blend of melodic/symphonic death metal. Having released a demo in 2000, IILLNATH's debut album (Cast into Fields of Evil Pleasure) came in 2003 with the follow-up (Second Skin of Harlequin) in 2006. The band toured extensively in Europe and has also played in various European festivals. The band's third album (Third Act in the Theatre of Madness) is the band's most melodic yet at the same time extreme offering to date.

Label: Pitch Black Records
Genre: Metal
Run Time: 53 mins

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