Information Society - It Is Useless To Resist Us: 25 Years Of Information Society (DVD)

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Full live concert from 2008, all 5 classic hit videos, brand new remix EP included virtually, archival footage and photos.

Information Society's #1 hit song 'What's On Your Mind (Pure Energy)' and the accompanying music video are considered quintessential examples of 80s pop music. This DVD includes a full pro-shot live concert by Information Society from 2008 as well as the original five hit videos from the band's days at Warner Records ('What's On Your Mind (Pure Energy),' 'Walking Away,' 'Think,' 'Repetition' and 'Peace And Love, Inc.') Also included in digital form is a brand-new EP, 'Modulator' which includes remixes of Synthesizer from Dave Aude, Tommy Sunshine and others, plus a live version of an unreleased track, 'Wrongful Death,' and a completely brand new song with Kurt on vocals, 'Don't Touch the Devil.' This DVD celebrates the 25th anniversary of this hugely influential and popular electronic pop act by giving fans a full live concert, their music videos (never before released on DVD), bonus archival footage and photos, and a brand new EP, all on one disc.

Bonus Materials

  • New track EP 'Modulator' included in digital format
  • Archival footage from band's earliest days
  • Photo montages, past and present
  • All five of the band's hit videos from their days at Warner Records


Cast & Crew

Director: Jochen Schoberth

Producer: Patrick Rodgers

Producer: Paul Robb

Track Listing

    • Peace and Love, Inc.
    • Wrongful Death
    • The Seeds of Pain
    • Walking Away
    • Baby Just Wants
    • Burning Bridges
    • Think
    • Jonestown
    • Growing Up With Shiva
    • I Like The Way You Werk It
    • Run Away
    • Back in the Day (Old School Electro Version)
    • Running
    • Are 'Friends' Electric'
    • What's On Your Mind (Pure Energy)

    Additional Details

    Label: Dancing Ferret

    Genre: Pop/Rock

    Run Time: 130 mins

    Region: 0

    Release Date: 10/27/09

    UPC: 687132130128

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