Insatiable Housewife Grindhouse Collection (DVD)

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Four Sleazy Grindhouse Films Saluting the Sexual Appetites of the American Housewife!

After Hours Cinema is proud to honor a great American institution - The American Housewife!! - with four films from the sleazy '70s and a brand new, grime-oozing fuck film from 2008. VIRGIN HONEYMOON Newlyweds arrive at their new home. She's a virgin and nervous about doing the 'nasty.' Her loving hubby cons the neighborhood women to have sex with him while his wife watches! Now that's sexual education! LOVE ON THE BEACH Carol and Robert meet on a bus in the city. She works in a bookstore; he's a stockbroker. 'Would you like to go to the beach?' he asks. She agrees only to wind up flat on her back in a cheap hotel!. Filmed in sleazy San Francisco. INSATIABLE HOUSEWIFE*** A magical bum administers a powerful aphrodisiac to a local housewife (Betty Lynn) when they have a hot casual encounter in a filthy alley. She is transformed into a nymphomaniac, fulfilling her husband and horny neighbor Gloria (Tracy Hayes). Will our horny housewife collapse from sexual exhaustion or will the bum remove the spell? PLEASE, TRY MY WIFE Stephanie's sexual appetite has increased while her hubby has been having problems 'getting it up.' She decides to become a local prostitute in order to keep herself completely satisfied! Fun and filthy! THE LONESOME WIFE A reporter for a 'Shag Rag' is trying to get a scoop on a local wife-swap group but in the process 'bangs' every married woman he interviews! Shockingly erotic!

Plus a 6-page, full color booklet with photos and liner notes


Cast & Crew

  •       Desiree West
  •       Betty Lynn
  •       Tracy Hayes
  •       Adam Trash
  • Additional Details

    Label: After Hours Cinema

    Genre: Erotic

    Run Time: 240 mins

    Region: 0

    Release Date: 03/20/12

    UPC: 612385426896

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