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Invasion (original Television Soundtrack) (CD)


Invasion (original Television Soundtrack) (CD)

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Release Date: 03/21/09

The Warner Bros/ABC sci-fi series Invasion, which created a strong fan base during its single season 2005-2006, features a large orchestral score that is worthy of any big blockbuster feature film. We are proud to announce that this title is the sixth release in our Discovery Collection! Composer team Jon Ehrlich and Jason Derlatka, who were Emmy-nominated for their work on CBS' series The Agency, created a chilling and highly dramatic, but still melodic and thematically rich score for Invasion. 'Jason and I were given the rare gift in television of a live orchestra. Our goal was to create something that reflected both the brutal, relentless nature of survival and the hypnotically beautiful, yet fragile quality of each life that the characters of Invasion struggle in every moment to protect,' composer Jon Ehrlich says. Their orchestrations feature a lot of delicate solo parts for violin as well as other striking features such as countertenor solo. The music for Invasion is certainly one of the most impressive television scores in recent time. Our album features more than 60 minutes of carefully selected tracks from the series.

Genre: Soundtrack

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