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J-ok'el (original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (CD)


J-ok'el (original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (CD)

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Release Date: 04/15/08

When we released the online album Marcus: The Film Music of George Shaw last year, it was met with some truly enthusiastic reviews. According to, Shaw's music 'recalls some of the best moments in [John] Williams' and [Jerry] Goldsmith's careers'. Continuing to recognize the George Shaw's talent, we are now releasing his score for the US-Mexican horror film J-ok'el, co-inciding with the US DVD release on June 24. The score won a Gold Medal for Excellence at the Park City Film Music Festival and was nominated to the 2007 Film and TV Music Award for Best Score for an Indie Feature Film. It is Shaw's most ambitious project to date. Recorded with the Hollywood Studio Symphony, the orchestral score contrasts beautiful thematic writing with subtle suspense and pounding action. As a bonus, our CD reprises George's inventive score from Marcus, previously only avaiable as a download. For a behind the scenes look at the creation of the scores for J-ok'el and Marcus, please have a look at the video footage here. J-ok'el means 'The Crying Woman' in Tzotzil dialect, but is based on the Mexican myth legend of La Llorona. Starring Tom Parker, Ana Patricia Rojo and Dee Wallace, the film tells the story about the J-ok'el legend (La Llorona); a woman who drowned her own babies centuries ago and whose spirit has returned to claim more children as her own.

Genre: Soundtrack

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