Jeff Berlin - Low Standards (CD)

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JEFF BERLIN has been rightfully hailed as one of the best Electric Bass players to ever touch the instrument. A consummate musician, Jeff has played and recorded with a host of Fusion and Jazz greats, including Bill Bruford, Larry Coryell, Bob James, Pat Martino, George Benson, Frank Zappa, Van Halen, Allan Holdsworth and many more. Always a jokester, Jeff concentrates on Jazz Standards on his sardonically titled “Low Standards.” The bass (low notes) plus standards (famous tunes) equals an apt, yet comedic title! Joined by multi-talented powerhouse Richard Drexler, who plays both acoustic bass and piano, and drummer extraordinaire Mike Clark, Berlin delivers music of the very highest standards. His electric bass is the lead instrument on most tunes, singing the melodies, be they melodic and lovely or complex and intriguing. The set includes three marvelous compositions by Wayne Shorter, a musician/composer who truly set the standard for modern jazz writing. “ESP” is sizzling from the start, and never lets up. Incredibly, the acoustic and electric bass lines never trip over one another; instead, they are complimentary, dancing with one another like well-heeled sophisticates. Wayne's “El Gaucho” continues the proceedings, and his “Fee Fi Fo Fum” concludes his trio of contributions. The trio locks in and swings superbly. Fellow electric bassist Steve Swallow's classic “Falling Grace” is treated to virtuosity in Berlin's nimble hands. He handles the graceful melody with assurance, and all three musicians solo well. Drexler is MVP, with his double-duties. He sounds equally superb on both instruments; his piano adds texture to the group, presenting it as a quartet. Carla Bley's ominous “Vashkar,” a tune recorded by Tony Williams, and Bill Evans' famous waltz “Very Early” are provided unique, fresh treatments. Benny Golson's classic swinger “Whisper Not” is straight ahead swinging. The album closes with a crystalline version of Pat Metheny's melodic “James.” The familiar melody is presented brilliantly by Berlin's electric bass. JEFF BERLIN has taken these standards to a higher level via his inimitable “Low Standards.”

Additional Details

Label: Random Act Records

Genre: Jazz

Run Time: 40 mins

Release Date: 04/16/13

UPC: 186960000967

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