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Jellysmoke (original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (CD)


Jellysmoke (original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (CD)

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Release Date: 04/01/08

Peter Calandra has a special place in our hearts since he was the first composer we worked with back in 2005 when we prepared our premiere MovieScore Media release: Unknown Soldier. It's a wonderful pleasure to be able to present another infectious jazz score by this talented pianist and composer: Jellysmoke, written for the award-winning 2005 drama directed by Mark Banning. Scored for a combo featuring piano, bass, drums, saxophone and trumpet, occasionally supported by a string section and electronics, this is a score that is rooted in restrained and thoughtful melancholy but also offers many other moods as well. Together with Unknown Soldier, Jellysmoke firmly establishes Peter Calandra as a major jazz voice in film scoring, right up there with the best in the genre: Terence Blanchard, Mark Isham and Dave Grusin. Giving you the opportunity to enjoy the score from Unknown Soldier, which has only been available as a download only, this CD features that score as a bonus, rounding off the programme at a total duration of over 70 minutes.

Genre: Soundtrack

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