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Jelonek -  Jelonek (CD)


Jelonek - Jelonek (CD)

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Release Date: 08/10/10

One of the most important violinists combines Bach & Mozart virtuosity with heavy sounds!

Jelonek is the most talented violinist in Poland, who during last dwo decades appeared on many best selling albums of Polish artists such as ANKH, Hunter, Closterkeller, Perfect, Wilki. Now it's high time to enchant everybody with fantastic solo effort. 'Jelonek' is an instrumental album ranging from classical music, artrock to hard rock and metal.Those 14 songs cover wide range of inspirations to achieve perfect balance between classical melodies and modern sound. Already in 1989 Jelonek finished his musical education with a university diploma and played violin concert d-dur by L. van Beethoven - together with Kielce Philharmonic Symphonic Orchestra. From that day he was working with most important orchestras in Poland and played violin parts on over 30 albums of most important rock & pop artists. This album cannot be missed, cause it's something you have never heard before!

Genre: Progressive Rock
Run Time: 45:00 mins

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