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Jersey Cats (VINYL ALBUM)


Jersey Cats (VINYL ALBUM)

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Release Date: 03/25/16

This LP edition contains 16 remastered studio tracks from Frankie Valli’s early and most inspired years with The Four Seasons. The material consists of a variety of the sensational recordings they made in 1962. Valli’s amazing voice is showcased above the solid harmonies of the other members. The band sang simple, powerful songs with great hooks and many musical surprises. In addition, Bob Crewe knew how to produce singles that sounded great on car radios: the drums snap, the guitars crunch, and the voices jump out of the mix. Frankie and his band scored many huge hits, including “Sherry,” “Big Girls Don’t Cry,” “Apple of My Eye,” “Walk Like a Man,” “Teardrops,” and “La Dee Dah.” These songs are the building blocks of Frankie Valli’s legendary musical legacy.

Label: Wax Time
Genre: Pop/Rock
Run Time: 40 mins

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