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Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter (DVD)


Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter (DVD)

$ 9.95

Release Date: 01/28/03

'The Passion of the Christ' meets 'The Matrix' - J.C. comes back to earth, gets a haircut, teams up Mexican wrestling hero El Santos, and lays waste to a coven of lesbian vampires.

The second coming is upon us, and Jesus has returned to earth. But before he can get down to the serious business of judging the living and the dead, he has to contend with an army of vampires that can walk in the daylight. Combining kung-fu action with biblical prophecy and a liberal dose of humor, the film teams the Savior with Mexican wrestling hero El Santos against mythological horrors and science gone mad, and also manages to address contemporary sexual politics. And did we


Genre: Comedy
Run Time: 85 mins

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